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JUSTIN BRATTON  is a prominent actor, presenter, writer, and award winning filmmaker.


The Texan of mixed Burmese heritage has performed at the highest level as the host of Asia’s Got Talent, the number one English speaking show in the Asia Pacific Region. He has also hosted travel shows, challenge shows, and comedy shows airing and streaming across multiple countries on HBO Asia, Discovery, AXN, Netflix, and Channel News Asia.


Justin's new show, Challenger Battleground, can be seen on Discovery and HBO Summer of 2023.


Justin has acted in HBO Asia’s hit show Halfworlds and multiple internationally released films such as Joker Game and Chef’s Tale.

Known For:


Challenger Battleground - Emmy nominated series on Discovery& HBO March of 2023.


Asia’s Got Talent - AXN

Dubai Ultimate Challenge - AXN

The Big Idea - Channel News Asia

Bespoke - Discovery

Classy Recaps - AXN

Central - HBO Asia

It Figures - Channel News Asia

AXN All Stars - AXN

Presenter - TV Host


Known For:



Perfect One

Chef's Tale

Joker Game

Screaming At Stars

The Restoration

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